The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution was when many technological advances were made. Some of these advances are shown below.The advances that were made in the Industrial Revolution were great pushes into a new Capitilast world. The Industrial Revolution has helped America become the counrtry we know today.


During the Industrial Revolution many advances were made in the field of Agriculture,
  1. The Cotton Gin- The Cotton Gin was used to remove the small black seeds of the cotton plant. It worked 50times as fast then removing the seeds by hand.
  1. The Steel Plow- The invention of the Steel Plow helped western farmers greatly. With a good steel mould board a steel plow could work through the tough prairie sod.


  1. Spinning Jenny - With a spinning wheel, a person could only spin one thread at a time. With a Spinning Jenny the case was not the same. It could spin eight threads at a time.


Interchangeable Parts- Back before Interchangeable parts if one part on a tool (for example, a plow) broke, you would have to buy another whole tool just because one part broke. With Interchangeable Parts you could just buy the piece that broke and replace the old one.musket.jpg
  1. Factories- If you lived in the growing U.S., you would make your clothes and anything else you nedded at home. That was before factories. Factories were able to mass produce textiles and other tools in a quicker manner. Because you could make many items a day in a factory, everything you could buy was cheaper.


  1. Corduroy Roads- Before Corduroy roads, most roads were just dirt paths. A Corduroy road was made by taking logs and putting them next to each other. This was better but not by much, the wood would rot or get washed away by storms often.

  1. The Steam Engine-The Steam Engine greatly helped the growing U.S. Instead of riding a horse to work, you could ride a train with a steam engine. A steam engine was faster and of course, a train didn't get tired like a horse would.
  1. The Transcontinental Railroad- With the transcontinental railroad travelers could use trains to get to different parts of the country in a quicker manner.
  1. Canals-Before canals the only way to move goods by water was through natural waterways like rivers, but by building a man made waterway, you could place a waterway where you want it so it was convenient for traders. It was diffucult transporting goods over land so building a canal proved a great convenience for nearby towns.